Saturday, November 10, 2007

The title of this blog

A Reasonable Imagination ... a clean, well-lighted place for thoughtful ideas and philosophical reflections.

I first accessed the Internet in the 1980s. It's come a long way since then--not always for the better. At any rate, blogging has taken off, so here I am adding yet another voice to this already crowded realm.

This being my first post, I'd like to explain the title and subtitle of my blog a bit. I had been thinking a lot about the relationship between reason and imagination, primarily because I was writing about how C.S. Lewis understood this relationship. As beings created in God's image, we are by nature creative. Thus, we have imagination. But God is also reasonable (see Isaiah 1:18, for instance), as are we.

The balance between reason and imagination fascinates me. I'm a classically trained musician and composer, so I have a creative slant to my thinking. I'm also a philosopher, so I've studied logic and what not, resulting in my admiration for the tools of rational inference.

Combining the concepts of reason and imagination resulted in the name of this blog.

The subtitle begins with an homage to the title of an Ernest Hemingway story, "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place." I appreciate literature and, as such, the Hemingway reference seemed to fit. I like the reference to a "well-lighted place" because blogs are online, meaning they are viewed on computer screens which are, of course, lit up.

The "thoughtful ideas and philosophical reflections" part is not all that interesting from a subtitle perspective, but that's what I'd like to offer--thoughtful ideas and philosophical reflections (as well as my share of ramblings, no doubt).

With that introduction out of the way, welcome to my blog!


Tim said...


Welcome to the blogosphere! This promises to be an interesting blog; I look forward to checking it regularly.

Robert Velarde said...

Thanks, Tim.

Ken said...

Hey, Robert! I figured you had a blog out there somewhere! I'm looking forward to catching up on here, as well as reading all of your books! God bless all of your efforts!