Saturday, May 3, 2008

Einstein's Brain and Worldviews

Here's an excerpt from the first article I wrote for TrueU, back in 2005 (the year the site launched): "What Einstein's Brain Can Teach Us About Worldviews."

"EINSTEIN'S BRAIN COMES TO LIFE — AND GOES ON RAMPAGE!" exclaims the cover story headline of an issue of Weekly World News. Beneath the name of the periodical you'll find the words, "The World's Only Reliable Newspaper." As if this weren't enough to secure its self-proclaimed veracity, bold text on the cover declares: SHOCKING * BIZARRE * INCREDIBLE and it's ALL TRUE!

Like most people, you don't need any help discerning truth and error in supermarket tabloid articles. Even without reading the Weekly World News, you're probably fairly certain that Einstein's brain has not come to life or gone on a rampage. If you're not, let me assure you that Albert's brain will not harm you.

Read the rest of the article at TrueU.

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