Friday, May 23, 2008

Topics in Conversations with C.S. Lewis

I've had some people ask me what specific topics I cover in my new book Conversations with C.S. Lewis and how they are presented.

Since Conversations with C.S. Lewis is a work of creative fiction, the various topics discussed are done so within the guise of narrative dialogues between Lewis and a contemporary skeptic. The arguments, however, have their basis in actual writings of Lewis. In other words, I did my best to communicate Lewis's actual ideas on the topics, but in a fun and interesting way.

Broadly, I cover the following topics: the problem of evil (intellectually and emotionally), peace and war, the existence of God, Lewis's argument from desire and longing, education, logic, the argument from reason, content from The Abolition of Man, salvation and conversion, the argument from morality, the argument from Christ, love, marriage, friendship, grief, reason and imagination, the Chronicles of Narnia, immortality, heaven, and hell.

Since each chapter in the Conversations with C.S. Lewis takes place in a different location in the life of Lewis, certain settings lent themselves better to certain discussions. Hence, a discussion of peace and war in relation to the problem of evil takes places in the trenches of World War I, where Lewis fought. The discussion on friendship, however, takes place at the Eagle and Child pub where Lewis and his friends, the Inklings, often met for fellowship and discussion.

I think my favorite location is the chapter featuring a discussion on salvation and conversion. Since Lewis essentially became a Christian in the sidecar of his brother Warren's motorcycle on the way to Whipsnade Zoo, the discussion takes place while the skeptic rides the motorcycle and Lewis is in the sidecar.

In any event, I do cover a lot of ground in the book, but the fact that it is presented as creative fiction will, I hope, get more people interested in the important topics addressed and in the life and thought of C.S. Lewis.

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