Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wild LOST Theories

Admittedly, I watch very little television, but I am a fan of LOST. I even wrote a feature article on the show, "The Gospel According to LOST," for the Christian Research Journal.

As the current season nears its end, now and then I come across some bizarre theories about LOST and its mysteries (is the four-toed statue really Lady Liberty?).

How fans and critics come up with some of these wild LOST theories, I don't know, but they do often have a circuitous "logic" to them, reminiscent of the following poem I stumbled across years ago:

Why Are Fire Engines Red?

They have four wheels and eight men;
four plus eight is twelve;
twelve inches make a ruler;
a ruler is Queen Elizabeth;
Queen Elizabeth sails the seven seas;
the seven seas have fish;
the fish have fins;
the Finns hate the Russians;
the Russians are red;
fire engines are always rushin';
so they're red.

Maybe the point is to come up with so many outlandish LOST theories that one is bound to be right somehow.

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