Monday, June 16, 2008

Lewis book, "a creative apologetic unequalled since Peter Kreeft's Between Heaven and Hell"

Will Vaus, author of the fine book Mere Theology has recently posted about my book Conversations with C.S. Lewis.

Vaus writes, in part, "Conversations with C. S. Lewis is a creative apologetic unequaled since Peter Kreeft's Between Heaven and Hell ... eminently suitable for passing on to one's atheist, agnostic and seeking friends. If one wants to become acquainted with the basic outline of Lewis's life and thought or if one desires to explore in an entertaining fashion the greatest philosophical and theological questions of all time, reading Conversations with C. S. Lewis by Robert Velarde is an excellent place to start."

Thanks, Will, for your kind words.

My review of Mere Theology is available here.

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