Monday, June 2, 2008

LOST and Narnia: Widmore as Uncle Andrew?

As I've noted before, I'm a fan of LOST. In watching the recent LOST season finale it struck me that Charles Widmore is the Uncle Andrew of LOST. (Yes, I have Narnia on the brain, as they say, and I really do think up such things while watching the show.)

You see, Uncle Andrew is the "magician" in The Magician's Nephew, part of the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. When Andrew enters Narnia he is blind to the glory and majesty of Aslan and the creation of Narnia, unable to even understand the lion's words or song.

But there is one thing Andrew understands and that is power. He wants to exploit Narnia for power, which will also provide Andrew with something else he wants--wealth. Andrew has removed himself from traditional moral standards and sees himself as above the law. Normal moral rules may apply to others, but not to one as superior as Andrew.

Charles Widmore of LOST is like Andrew. He doesn't appear to have any sense of awe or wonder about the mysteries of the LOST island. Instead, he comes across as a power hungry businessman, intent on exploiting the island, as Andrew is intent on exploiting Narnia.

But in The Magician's Nephew, Andrew is insignificant in comparison to Jadis, who will become the White Witch. Her behavior literally leads to the destruction of an entire world. In that sense, maybe Widmore is more like the White Witch. Only time will tell.

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