Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lewis book, "a pleasant little novel"

Nick Milne of The Daily Kraken blog has posted a review of my new book Conversations with C.S. Lewis. Milne writes, in part:

Robert Velarde's Conversations with C.S. Lewis is not an academic book - though it is a scholarly and well-researched one - and could instead be described as a work of historical fantasy. Perhaps. It's also a work of creative biography, a riff on The Great Divorce and the Divine Comedy, and a highly practical introduction to Lewis' general philosophies disguised as a pleasant little novel ... The most important thing is that Velarde manages to capture Lewis' "voice," as it were, very well. Those who have read much of his works before will recognize many of the same cadences at work in both the real and the fictional Jack. This is no small feat in and of itself, quite apart from the book's other successes ... ideally suited to those for whom a brief and enjoyable introduction to Lewis would be just the ticket ... also a pleasurable read for those already familiar with Jack and his works ...

Many thanks to Nick Milne. Read the entire review here.


Nick Milne said...

Glad to oblige, Robert. Thanks for the pleasant read!

I was also glad to see (after some snooping around) an old response from you to one of Adam Gopnik's typical New Yorker pieces. That gentleman irritates me so.

Robert Velarde said...

Yes, I remember the Gopnik piece. It was from 2005. As I recall, Gopnik claimed that C.S. Lewis really did not come to a reasonable faith and did not examine other worldviews much, either. My brief response is posted here.