Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog About Pascal's Anthropological Argument

Michael Kallenberg of the blog, "like little children," has posted some interesting musings on Pascal's anthropological argument - a topic I've written about and talked about on radio (listen to the latter portion of Hour 2). This is an interesting apologetic argument and deserves more attention. Also see a chapter in On Pascal by Douglas Groothuis on the topic or online here (PDF).


Michael said...


Thanks for mentioning my blog and post! I found your article for the Christian Research Journal to be very insightful. I agree that the argument is worth developing and incorporating into a broader cumulative case for Christian theism.

I also studied under Dr. Douglas Groothuis at Denver Seminary and highly recommend his book On Pascal. In fact, I believe we were in the same Philosophical Ethics class (Spring 2006).

Robert Velarde said...

No problem, Michael. I appreciated your insights on the argument. Thanks for your kind words about my CRJ article about Pascal's anthropological argument. By the way, I originally wrote it as a grad school term paper and had to edit it down and tweak it for mainstream publication.

Ah, Philosophical Ethics! Yes, we probably were in the same class, though my most vivid memory remains the discussion about the large man blocking the cave entrance - do the people trapped in the cave kill him or what? It's nice to know that philosophy offers such realistic illustrations of daily ethical life. :-)