Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Video Game Peddles Drugs

I really shouldn't be surprised. I've been a gamer since 1975 when I had a home console version of Pong. A year later protests erupted over violence in the arcade game Death Race 2000, based on the B-movie of the same name.

But the moral decline in video games has reached new lows. I just read a brief article titled, "New 'Grand Theft Auto' Makes Cocaine Sales a Game." The game in question is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, scheduled for release on the handheld Nintendo DS platform.

According to the article, the game will "feature a drug-selling mini-game, where players could earn money peddling six different kinds of narcotics around town."

Rather than bowing his head in moral shame, the vice president of the company responsible, Rockstar Games, said, "We wanted to have a drug-dealing mini-game in lots of the GTA games. We played with it a little in Vice City Stories, because it worked really well juxtaposed with the main story. It works well with what GTA is, with driving around the map, and it gives you another thing to think about -- another layer or piece of the puzzle to keep you motivated ..."

It works "really well" and provides motivation for the player? Please.

The abolition of man is well underway. Removing ourselves from God's moral standards, as C.S. Lewis argued in The Abolition of Man, we step into the void. No longer are we human beings as God intended, but warped caricatures who once recognized right and wrong.

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