Monday, December 29, 2008

A Newspaper? How quaint.

An article noted a recent Pew Research study that showed more people get their news via the Internet than via printed newspapers. Although the difference is only about 5 percent (40 percent for Internet news and 35 percent for newspapers), it's interesting to note. Television, however, still tops both Internet and newspapers, with some 70 percent of Americans getting their primary news from TV. What is your primary source of news? Is newsprint dead or dying?


david said...

Google Reader is my primary source for news. I get feeds from NPR, CNN, and Google News.

Robert Velarde said...

I get more than 95 percent of my news online via various sources. Every now and then I might come across some news on the radio by accident (I don't listen to radio news or watch TV news).

As for newspapers, I don't read them. Sometimes I get one delivered free as a promo, but save it only to help light fires -- in a fireplace, of course!