Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Browsing in Peace

The Internet is a big magazine with videos. Do you ever get tired of all the ads, animations, and glut of images online? I do. As a result, my primary method of browsing the Web consists of turning off all images and Flash animations/videos. This makes for a much faster, cleaner, and peaceful browsing experience.

How do you do it? That depends on your browser. I primarily use Firefox. To block Flash animations and videos I use Flashblock. To disable images I go to Firefox -> Preferences -> Content on a Mac or Tools -> Options -> Content on a PC and uncheck "Load images automatically."

If for some reason I want to watch a Flash video on a page, I can just click within the frame and it will play. If I want to see a particular image, I can just right-click or control-click on it and select "View Image." But in both cases, I'm in control of whether or not I want to see the images, which are mostly ads, or not.

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Caleb Woodbridge said...

The AdBlock extension is really good at stripping out a lot of the adverts from the webpages you're reading - it makes the web much more pleasant to browse!