Thursday, October 15, 2009

New article: "Personal Power or Harmful Hedonism?"

See the latest issue of Christian Research Journal for my article, "Personal Power or Harmful Hedonism? Assessing the Teachings of Anthony Robbins."

Here's an excerpt from the synopsis:

In the 1980s, Anthony Robbins garnered much media attention due to his unusual practice of firewalking as part of his motivational seminars. Today, Robbins hosts conferences such as "Unleash the Power Within" the world over. At more than $2,500 per ticket for front row seating, the Robbins media empire is thriving. With NBC announcing a new television program, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, the self-proclaimed life coach and peak performance coach is spreading his message of "unlimited power" to eager audiences. But beneath the confident and lucrative exterior are a repackaging of human potential ideas, the denigration of truth to mere personal taste, a touch of quackery, and elements of pragmatic hedonism.

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