Monday, January 4, 2010

Twitter, Facebook, and Me. Oh my!

As my schedule grows ever fuller, I'm finding less and less time to blog. While I will continue to maintain this blog indefinitely, I'm going to try and increase my activity on Twitter and Facebook since I find these modes of updating quicker than blogging and a lot of people seem to be gravitating to these social networks.

If you wish to follow me on twitter, I'm @robert_velarde or go here. If you wish to follow me on Facebook, here's my page.

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The Paraniod Italian said...

If it helps to balance all of this Robert, you can place a Twitter feed/widget on your blog. And, you can link your FB and Twitter so that when you tweet it'll post on your FB page and on your blog feed.

You may know all of this already but just in case you didn't...

Oh and BTW -- this is Jacquie aka The Paranoid Italian. :-)