Monday, June 23, 2008

Logic Uncontrolled

Many years ago I studied music composition in California at Long Beach State, where I received my undergraduate degree in music.

Of all the music I've composed, a short piece called "Logic Uncontrolled" for solo piano remains one of my favorites. It's about 30 seconds long, so feel free to give it a listen. The mp3 file is less than a megabyte. Note that there are a few seconds of silence at the beginning before the piece begins.

"Logic Uncontrolled" is the third movement of a seven movement piano piece I wrote in the late 80s called "Disruptions in the Forest," back when I was an atheist (read more about that here). The "forest" is a metaphor for a mind in a state of chaos--an apt description for my own mind at the time.

By the way, that is me playing a magnificent Steinway concert grand piano on the live recording. I readily admit that it would take me months of practice to reach that level of musicianship again!

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