Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog Sabbath

Various projects require my attention. As such, I'm taking a blog sabbath/break/holiday. I will moderate comments, but do not plan to post anything new until December.


Ben Mordecai said...

I'll miss you buddy.

david said...

I tried a few searches to see if anything significant resulted in the traffic spike on Nov 17. I didn't find any direct indications, but one possibility is another blog spiked and then sent traffic through its blogrolls. If that happened then I would guess that someone wrote a controversial article that attracted an unusual audience.

Blogger has a feature called Backlinks that can be used to track who's linking to your pages. I think you turn it on under the commenting options.

I tried some search sites.:

1. Technorati - I'm not sure how comprehensive this site is, but a quick search revealed that you are blogrolled at The Emerging Scholars Blog.

2. wholinkstome - here are several other sites which you are blogrolled at:

Hope that helped! :-)

Adam D said...

traffic spike November 17? 'Twas probably Mark Shea

"C.S. Lewis: The Video Game!"

Robert Velarde said...

Thanks for the tips. I just noticed a spike of several hundred visitors on 11/17 so was curious. Even during my Blog Sabbath I guess people keep coming, which is a good thing I suppose. Upon my return I have much to blog about.