Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is Mormonism Christian?

The Religious Researcher blog tackles this perennial question in an entry by Robert Bowman, itself sparked by a recent article in First Things ("Is Mormonism Christian?").

Bowman offers some helpful insights on the ongoing debate regarding the relationship between Mormonism and Christianity. On a related note, see my article, "Are Mormons and Muslims Apples and Oranges?"

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Adam D said...

I have no trouble on a purely intellectual level saying mormons are not Christian. Yes, they worship Jesus as God and savior, but their basic definition of God and their repudiation of the Trinity put them outside of what I'm willing to call Christianity. But it's a hard thing to say to someone. It's similar to how difficult it is to explain to people why I oppose the idea of homosexual marriage. On its face, denying these titles to people who deny their historic understanding sounds so very uncharitable!