Monday, November 3, 2008

When Heroes Need Rescuing

Two top writers on the NBC show Heroes were recently fired. Here's hoping some new writers can fix the mess the show is in.

I was sort of dragged into watching Heroes after the first season. It sounded like an X-men rip off to me, but after watching a few episodes of season 1, I was hooked by interesting characters, a clever intertwining of a graphic novel connection, and moral dilemmas. Season two was not awful, but it was pretty bad. Season three, however, has been like watching a train wreck. It has become predictable, contrived, soap-opera like, cliche, and so forth.

Still, there is some potential there to rescue Heroes. My vote is for the new writers to hit the reset button somehow. The show needs to get back on track to its first season creativity, otherwise I think it will be cancelled, thus leaving me with more time to study philosophy (there is always a bright side).

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