Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's gotten into Denver Seminary?

Every now and then I stop by Denver Seminary to do some research. Lately I've noticed these strange creatures planted about the campus. I'm guessing they are supposed to scare off critters. At any rate, it's a bit strange to see these wolf-like animals sprouting up all over the campus. It's as though the White Witch has unleashed Fenris Ulf (aka, Maugrim) and his secret police.


Craig Blomberg said...

They do look pretty strange, don't they? Last winter we had so many geese make such a mees on our campus that maintenance people were constantly having to cleanup, that when we heard that Coors Field had used these fake coyotes with success to scare away equally troubling geese there, we decided to try it too, and for the most part it works!

Robert Velarde said...

Ah, that explains it! Yes, it looks a bit weird, particularly from a distance when you can see several of them around. I thought perhaps it was a new mascot. :-)