Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are printed magazines obsolete?

Has modern technology made printed magazines obsolete? Facing a tough economy, periodicals are joining newspapers in shutting their doors. Christianity Today International just announced that four periodicals will cease publication.

Do you still subscribe to some printed periodicals? If so, why? Will devices such as the Kindle save the magazine industry? In a culture dominated by audio/visual stimulation, is there still a place for the printed magazine?


Jeff LaSala said...

Not easy questions to answer.

My favorite gaming magazine, Dragon, ceased its print production last year and it's been stricly PDFs purchased online since. It's sad, and even though the content is still good, I just don't read it much anymore. It's not convenient, nor as much fun.

That's why I'm happy that I'm now a regular contributor to a quarterly magazine that is a printed publication.

Nothing as noble as a Christian magazine, of course, but it's something.

Luke said...

I still subscribe to a few free periodicals (as I have for years)... but, no, I refuse to pay for a magazine and so they are slowly going away. Which is sad because I do like to flip through them, and I don't think that electronic delivery will replace that aspect of it... thus far, a computer can't replicate the speed and ease of use of the physical medium. But I do love being able to search a .pdf...

In answer to your last question: There is absolutely still a place for printed materials in our A/V world. The problem is not that people aren't willing to read magazine articles anymore, but that it is getting too expensive to print them and no one wants to pay for content.