Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ghosts, Atheism, and Star Trek? Oh my!

The latest issue of Christian Research Journal features two articles I've written. The first is, "Ghosts for the Atheists." The title is inspired from a remark made by Dallas Willard about Christian theists establishing a "haunted universe" for atheists. I offer ten "ghosts" to help create intellectual tensions in the atheistic worldview.

The second article is, "Star Trek: Exploring Strange New Worldviews," and is sort of a combo review of the recent blockbuster film as well as an evaluation of the Trek philosophy. I cover secular humanism, reason and emotion, ethics, etc.


Jeff LaSala said...

How readily available is this magazine, Robert? Would big bookstore chains like Borders carry it?

Robert Velarde said...

My local Barnes&Noble carries it. I've also seen it at Christian bookstores such as Family Christian and Mardel. Not sure about Borders.